Trina S. Packard

Westport City Council – Position 5

As a dedicated member of our Westport community, I recognize the need for fresh ideas, equitable solutions, and effective leadership to establish a strong foundation for our town’s fast-paced expansion. It’s always wiser to take proactive measures to prepare for growth and provide equal opportunities for all members of our community to thrive, rather than having to address issues after the fact.


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Vision, Issues, & Values

Balanced Growth

As a longtime member of this community, I have personally experienced and understand some of the challenges we face regarding housing, healthcare access, and the needs around sustainable, responsible, and balanced economic growth.

Housing Equity

To thrive as a holistic community, we require affordable quality housing to support our local businesses and employees.

I am committed to advocating for housing equity in conjunction with the economic growth we are experiencing. I back current developer proposals for middle-income workforce housing and additional efforts around low-income housing opportunities.

Westport is fast becoming a big attraction for tourism and investors, and we need to ensure all locals fit into the growth equation.

Healthcare Access

Westport lacks accessible healthcare options. I will have a strong voice for bringing the underutilized GH County Health resource to Westport while supporting current efforts toward accessible health services for all community members.

Climate Change + Disasters

As a coastal community, we are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and natural disasters. I’ll support plans to mitigate adverse effects from sea level rise, erosion, and flooding while keeping Westport’s future infrastructure in mind.

Preserving Authenticity

Our city is at a critical juncture, and it’s time for fresh ideas and proactive leadership. As your City Council member, I will advocate for responsible economic growth that aligns with our town’s collective values and unique history.

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Humane, Equitable, and Sustainable Solutions.

About Me



 I moved to Westport nearly ten years ago during my “gypsy” traveling days. It all started in August 2001. I was brought to Westport by a surfer I had met where I lived in Seattle. He showed me the basics, and I was instantly hooked.

I purchased my first used board from a local Surf Shop about the size of a walk-in closet at the time, and it was the only board they had.

Over the past twenty-one years, as a visitor and then a resident, I have observed businesses and people ebb and flow like tides. I’d like to see more stay and grow roots. A community that adapts to a fast-changing world while protecting its unique history, people, and culture during a growth spurt will thrive and generate sustained opportunities for locals.

I want more opportunities for everyone, not just a few select groups. I want to find solutions that are equitable, humane, and sustainable.

Registered with WA State Public Disclosure Commission 

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Registered with WA State Public Disclosure Commission 

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